5 Tips on Choosing Refurbished Servers for Small Businesses

5 Tips on Choosing Refurbished Servers for Small Businesses

Posted by Team Recompute on 27th Oct 2020

It's estimated that in 2020, the total amount of data stored in the world reached 40 trillion gigabytes.

As a small business, you certainly won't need that amount of storage space, but you may be considering purchasing your own server.

Many small businesses opt for choosing refurbished servers to reduce the expense.

If you're thinking about this option then read on as we look at five tips for choosing refurbished servers for small businesses.

1. Professionally Refurbished

One of the most important considerations you should make is who exactly did the refurbishing.

You might find refurbished servers advertised on sites such as eBay but these really aren't worth the risk, as you can't be sure who refurbished them, or even if they have been refurbished at all.

For peace of mind, you should always go with a professional business that will refurbish their servers to a high standard.

2. Know What You Want

When you're shopping for a refurbished server, it's easy to get drawn in by the bargains that you see online.

There's no point buying a server that isn't suitable for your needs, however. Work out in advance exactly what you want from your server in terms of capacity and other features. You'll then know exactly what to look for without being distracted by the other offers. It's important to ensure you get a server that is big enough for your needs and allows room for your business to grow.

3. Set a Budget

Another way to stop yourself window shopping online is to set yourself a budget in advance.

Once you know how much you can afford to spend, you can immediately rule out some options, which makes selecting the right server quick and easy. Good sites will allow you to filter your search for a specific price range so that you can quickly find the best products for your budget.

4. Stick With a Brand

If you want a server that's going to last, then it's always best to stick with a reputable brand, such as HP, IBM, or Dell servers.

Not only can you be sure that you're buying a quality product, but you're also far more likely to find compatible parts or accessories for these brands.

5. Ensure There's a Warranty

If a business is selling refurbished electronics, and they don't offer a warranty, then you should look elsewhere.

It means that the company doesn't have enough faith in their refurbished products to expect them to last. All good refurbished server companies will offer a healthy warranty because they know their products have been refurbished to a high standard.

Are You Thinking About Choosing Refurbished Servers? 

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