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Equipment Buy Back

Purchasing IT equipment that has reached their end of life is the core part of our business. Thanks to our industry knowledge, retail outlet and benchmarking tools we can offer the best prices for our clients equipment.

Asset Tracking & Reporting

Our proprietary software allows for the most comprehensive asset tracking and reporting in the industry. Our processes guarantee the highest quality refurbishment processes.

Data Sanitisation

We use our own proprietary software for secure data wiping, which allows us to conduct wipes across multiple devices, depending on our clients preferences. All wipes come with an audit report. We can keep your company’s data secure.


After repairing, consolidating  and refurbishing client equipment to reduce e-waste, sometimes recycling is unavoidable. We ensure that our clients e-waste is recycled in an environmentally responsible way by partnering up with local Australian recyclers. Our partners  are certified and independently audited. Additionally, they can provide downstream reports to demonstrate where commodities end up.

Revitalisation Service


Reuse is always the most environmentally sustainable option. It's our preferred option. From an environmental perspective reuse lowers the amount of electronic waste. Furthermore, it decreases the demand for raw materials and parts. The energy required to produce these computers and laptops has already been expended.

By utilising our rigorous renewal processes we are able to take existing (ageing) IT equipment and extend their life. Our thorough renewal process involves a clean software install, sanitisation, repackaging plus more. Have a closer look at our renewal process!

We even back up our work by providing a New 1-Year Warranty on Revitalised products.

Our Revitalisation Service is designed to:

Reduce Cost of IT Expenditure

Reduce Environment Impact

Revitalise and Renew your Warranty

Prevent Your IT Assets dying when you need them most


Most importantly, you will also be working towards a circular and sustainable economy. Our clients have saved thousands of kilograms in carbon emissions.
Have a closer look at how much carbon we’ve saved!

Prolong the use of an existing fleet with upgrades, fresh image deployment, and new warranties. In other words, our revitalisation is so good, we think you might want to keep the equipment when we’re done.

When IT equipment does reach its end of life with your business, we also offer equipment buyback and sustainable IT asset disposal options at competitive market rates.