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Our aim is to promote sustainability for IT equipment in Australia. In 2020 Recompute saved approximately* 2100 tonnes of carbon emissions (CO2) by extending the life of IT equipment. We will aim to reach 3000 tonnes at the end of 2021.



With every asset we Revitalise we save 100s of CO2e in kilograms


Developing a circular economy through our three major responsibilities

Our Environment

Oceania has the second highest electronic waste per capita (kg) in the world. By keeping IT equipment in circulation we prevent these materials from going into landfill, which has increased significantly every year. Every time that businesses irresponsibly dispose of IT equipment we are impacting our planet by increasing our carbon footprint.

By utilising Recompute’s experience and partnerships clients can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill as well as their carbon footprint. Through our revitalisation programs we aim to keep as many IT assets as possible in circulation. For items where that is not feasible we offer responsible recycling options by partnering with local e-waste businesses. Our recycling partners are 5377 certified, can provide downstream reports to demonstrate where commodities end up and are independently audited.

Our Economy

We want to ensure that IT departments around Australia are able to maintain their  technological capabilities and efficiency  while utilising the most sustainable end of life IT practices.  
Extending the lifecycle allows clients to continue to generate revenue from existing assets. We provide salvage costs at competitive rates therefore, we allow businesses to do more with less.

Our Society

Unfortunately, in our industry many companies will export used IT equipment overseas, where labour and environmental laws are much more relaxed. Recompute ensures our inventory comes from Australia and is used by Australians. This means our products are processed under better working conditions and more jobs are created and kept locally.

Work with Recompute towards ticking all the boxes to improve your triple bottom line encompassing better environmental outcomes, socially responsible practices and increased profitability for your IT fleet.


We operate with the aim of moving ourselves and our clients towards carbon emission targets and emerging environmental regulations.

2030 UN sustainable development goals

 2050 the government has set the aspirational goal of zero net carbon emissions for business