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What does it mean if a computer is Refurbished?

A Refurbished Computer is often an ex-government or ex-lease machine which has reached the end of its lease with an organisation. Our refurbished computers are in perfect working order and have had every function and feature meticulously tested by our expert technicians.

Are Refurbished computers a good deal?

Our used computers come with industry leading Warranty. These are business grade machines and are therefore built to the highest levels of quality and durability. Whether you are buying a standalone computer or workstation or one of our convenient computer package deals with a refurbished business-class display, rest assured that you are buying peace of mind in relation to your IT hardware.

What is the best Refurbished computer to buy?

We stock a large range of used and second-hand computers from leading manufacturers such as Dell, Lenovo, HP and more. Whether you’re after a top of the range gaming computer, complete workstation, or just looking for a computer tower, we have you covered for work, school or home at prices to suit all budgets.

Feel free to call us on 1300 132 326 during business hours if you need help selecting the computer that is right for you.