7 Tips to Solve Your Windows 10 Audio and Sound Issues

7 Tips to Solve Your Windows 10 Audio and Sound Issues

Posted by Team Recompute on 24th Mar 2020

Sound issues with Windows 10 audio are fairly common. Microsoft itself has addressed the problem with its troubleshooter, but many issues require a bit more work to resolve.

If you have been experiencing sound issues, including your sound card not working, then read on. Here are 7 tips to help you solve all your Windows 10 audio problems.

1. Run the Windows 10 Audio Troubleshooter

The first and easiest step is to run the audio troubleshooter that comes with your Windows 10. To run the troubleshooter, type “audio troubleshooter” in the taskbar search box, select “Fix and find problems with playing sound”, and select the sound device you wish to troubleshoot.

This process will fix some common driver problems automatically.

2. Check Cable, Plug, and Jack Connections

Check all audio cables and cords for loose connections. If you have multiple audio cables, make sure each of them is plugged in the correct jack.

Also check all cables for signs of damage and replace as needed.

3. Check Your Speaker Settings

Make sure audio playback is enabled on Windows 10. Go to “Playback devices” and make sure there is a green tick next to your speakers in the playback tab. If it’s not ticked, then your computer is sending the sound output to another device.

4. Restore Your Audio Driver

Go to “Device Manager” and scroll down to “Sound, game and video controllers”. Expand the section and find your sound card. Choose your sound card and click “Uninstall”.

This will reset your audio driver after you reboot your computer.

5. Manually Update Your Audio Driver

Visit the website of your sound card’s manufacturer and find the most recent driver for your system. Download and install the driver, then reboot your computer.

6. Turn Off Audio Enhancements

Go to “Hardware and Sound” in the control panel and find your default audio device. Navigate to the enhancements tab and disable all enhancements. If you have multiple devices, you will have to disable enhancements on all of them.

7. Try One Audio Device at a Time

Finally, if you have multiple audio devices, disable them one by one and test your sound. It is possible that one device is malfunctioning and blocks sound output for the entire system. Go to Hardware and Sound” and disable one device at a time, then test the sound.

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