How Much Carbon Are You Saving by Purchasing a Refurbished Laptop?

How Much Carbon Are You Saving by Purchasing a Refurbished Laptop?

Posted by Team Recompute on 24th Nov 2020

According to the 2020 Global E-waste Monitor, humans worldwide produced 53.6 million metric tonnes of e-waste in 2019. We only recycled 17.4% of that waste. So if you thought recycling was going to save the world, you might want to reconsider.

Contributing to this flow of e-waste is the number of laptops we dispose of after use. Instead of buying a brand-new laptop, why not purchase a refurbished laptop?

If you're unfamiliar with this practice, don't worry. This doesn't make you an unconcerned citizen. However, you'll want to catch up with the rest of the tech world.

Read on to learn more about refurbished laptops and how they can help protect the planet.  

Preserve Resources

Your laptop is made up of many parts, and these parts are made up of many different raw materials. It takes a lot of energy to extract these materials from the environment, depleting the earth of resources that it won't get back any time soon.

Going green and choosing a refurbished laptop eliminates the need to keep consuming vital resources. Instead of purchasing another new laptop, give the earth a breather by selecting a renewed laptop.    

Limit Your Carbon Footprint 

Refurbished laptops play a huge role in saving carbon emissions. Complex supply chains transport laptop materials across the world, leaving behind a lengthy carbon trail.

To erase this trail, avoid purchasing new laptops and contributing to the carbon issue. Reusing laptops is an easy fix since it slows down this production process.    

Drive Down Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The actual manufacturing of laptops also has its own environmental issues. Creating laptops releases more gases into the environment and is the most pollutive part of the entire supply chain.

A used laptop has its parts manually replaced as part of the refurbishing stage. No manufacturing is needed for this eco-friendly option.      

Avoid Waste 

Even the nicest laptop only lasts several years before you replace it. When you dispose of your laptop, there's a good chance it ends up in a landfill.

This is bad news for the earth since laptops are composed of many toxic chemicals, such as lead. When these chemicals seep into the soil, they can cause some major damage. 

So do everyone a huge favour by going the environmentally friendly route. Buying a refurbished laptop cuts back on waste and keeps chemicals out of the earth's system.  

Bonus Rewards  

On top of saving the environment, refurbished laptops can save you a few extra bucks as well. You can often find refurbished laptops at discounted prices, making them a more affordable alternative to new laptops. 

And there's not much of a drop-off with refurbished options. Companies put refurbished laptops through a screening process. They replace parts and repair the laptops, leaving them like new ones. 

Nevertheless, be careful when selecting a refurbished laptop. You should choose the best quality product that has gone through all the necessary procedures. 

Stay Fresh with a Refurbished Laptop 

Keeping the world clean does entail some sacrifices. But a refurbished laptop offers far more benefits than its pricier counterparts. 

Now, you can buy new tech, protect your wallet, and freshen up the world all at the same time. It's a complete package that's hard to beat.

So if you're ready to buy a new laptop but worried about the environmental impact, you can breathe easy. Going refurbished gives you a green way to get great quality.

And be sure to contact us to see what eco-friendly tech options are on the market today.