Used Servers Are a Great Option for Small Businesses: Here's Why

Used Servers Are a Great Option for Small Businesses: Here's Why

Posted by Team Recompute on 27th Apr 2020

Are you setting up a small business? Do you need a dedicated server for your operations? 

Though the price of a dedicated server may be higher compared to that of a cloud server, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the former is automatically more expensive. In cases that involve workloads with large databases, a dedicated server is the cheaper option. But if you are on a tight budget, going for used servers is an alternative to consider.

The question now is, is it a wise decision to invest in refurbished servers? Let’s take a look at the qualities of refurbished servers and why they are worth checking out.

How Refurbished Servers Can Help Your Business

We mentioned earlier that businesses benefit from dedicated used servers in many ways. Here are some of its many uses"

Better Confidentiality and Control

Investing in a refurbished server for your in-house IT needs gives you better confidentiality and control. Compared to cloud services, you can keep critical data within your company. A used server does not allow third-party access.

Moreover, it does not require an internet connection for data access.

Secure eCommerce

When it comes to online shopping, a dedicated server can ensure the safety of your eCommerce business. The server can protect the personal details of your customers. These include their home address and financial information.

Data Storage And Backup

As a business, you need to secure your valuable data and important documents. A dedicated server offers data storage and protection. This ensures you have a means of restoring your workload and private data in case of ransomware

Reasons To Invest In Used Servers

Though you can save up for brand new servers, there are many reasons why opting for a used one is a good decision. Let’s take a look at some of them below:

More Affordable

Since we are talking about savings, refurbished dedicated servers significantly reduce your expenses. There are servers that will only cost you a fraction of the original value. Nevertheless, you can still expect them to perform up to par when it comes to quality.

Matches Your Needs

Refurbished servers also offer more flexibility. Generally, these servers come with parts that vendors separately assemble. This means you will have an easier time replacing certain parts instead of buying a whole new server.

This is one of the upsides of taking the refurbishing route. Not all companies have the same technical requirements. Through used servers, there is room for customization.

Dependable Performance

Last but not least, you get to enjoy reliable performance without spending too much. Third-party vendors offer limited warranties for their servers. However, you need to make sure that the vendor offers return policy and free technical support.

Invest In Quality Refurbished Servers

Used servers are excellent investments for start-ups. They offer bang for your buck without compromising performance and quality. But of course, you need to get them from the right sources.

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