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​  5 Reasons Why You Should Be Connecting a Docking Station To Your Laptop

​ 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Connecting a Docking Station To Your Laptop

Posted by Team Recompute on 5th May 2022

Being on the go is a requirement for most people. Having something portable while out and about helps take their work environment anywhere and anytime. That being said, you can’t always have everything with you. From printers to keyboards to webcam to multiple screens, this is definitely not something you bring with you on a daily basis. With a docking station, you can turn your laptop into a desktop computer. It allows you to connect everything you require in one quick motion.

Docking stations allow you to add extra connection to your laptop for those who need additional functionality. Docking stations also make it possible for individual users to customise their setup with their favourite keyboard, mouse and their own personal monitor.

If you don't have the means of connecting external devices directly to your laptop, then you're missing out. Here are five reasons why you should be using a docking station.

Connecting to multiple devices

Most devices have USB ports and can all be connected to a docking station. Printers, scanners, keyboards & Mice can all be connected to the docking station along with your screen. Modern laptops tend not to have a lot of ports to help with weight and portability, so a dock station can provide everything you require without carrying multiple dongles around.

The ability to connect up several devices at once is another reason why it makes sense for business users who need maximum connectivity while they're working remotely or in other locations where there may not be many outlets available nearby, like airports when travelling or hotels while on business trips.


Another reason why some people opt for a docking station is because of gaming. If you are an avid gamer, you might want to invest in a gaming monitor that comes with its own speakers, mouse and keyboard. However, if you want to play games via Steam or Origin, then a docking station will allow you to connect your gaming monitor directly to your PC so that it does not affect the performance of your system.

Gamers love docking stations because they allow them to connect their gaming peripherals without having to unplug and re-plug each time they want to play. This makes gaming easier and more convenient for them. It also keeps their desktops clutter-free, so that they can focus on playing instead of worrying about cables getting tangled up or falling down onto their keyboards while they're playing.


The last thing anybody wants is clutter on their desks and floors around their workspace. A laptop docking station allows you to keep everything organised in one place so that you don't have cables running everywhere around your desk and falling down onto your workspace while you work or play on your laptop.

Docking Stations remove the clutter by being the 'middleman' for all your peripheral connections. Video Displays, USB Peripherals, Ethernet Cables can all be connected via the docking station, creating a streamline of cables to one component.


There are also docking stations that have universal compatibility, that is, they work on a majority of laptops and can even charge the battery with the universal connectors available. A great example of this is our Targus USB 3.0 Docking Station. For an inexpensive price, docking stations such as the one above can deliver dual-screen displays, USB and LAN Ethernet connectivity, audio in/out and more!


More than ever, users need a smooth working transition between their homes and offices.

A docking station allows for an easy transition; whether that’s unplugging cables from one setup to another or accessing the cables; simply take your docking station wherever you go for ease of access and connectivity.

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