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Every end is a new beginning, and when your IT equipment is at the end of its service to you, then that’s just the beginning of the next phase. There are three paths that equipment can take: reuse, recycle, or dispose.

Reuse is always the most environmentally sustainable option. It's our preferred option. From an environmental perspective reuse lowers the amount of electronic waste. Furthermore, it decreases the demand for raw materials and parts. The energy required to produce these computers and laptops has already been expended. 

Our environmentally sustainable Recompute Revitalisation Program offers companies a way to revitalise end of lease or decommissioned IT equipment. Once your equipment has gone through our refurbishing process the opportunities are endless.

Whether you choose to on sell your revitalised equipment through us or a third party, donate it to a charity, or reuse it yourself we are here to help.

Benefits of Revitalisation include:

Value Recovery - Maximise the return on your IT assets before selling your equipment.  We offer options that include data sanitation, re-imaging and repackaging assets for sale.  We can assist with the sale process too including warehousing, order management and warranty.

Asset Tracking & Reporting - Our proprietary software allows for the most comprehensive asset tracking and reporting in the industry. Our processes guarantee the highest quality refurbishment processes.  

Recompute’s experience in bringing assets to retail standard and quality ensures you will be proud to see your revitalised equipment put to good use. Access to our retail channel guarantees you the best financial return.

Increased Lifespan - Prolong the use of your existing fleet with upgrades, fresh image deployment, and new warranties. In other words, our revitalisation is so good, we think you might want to keep the equipment when we’re done.

Data Sanitation - Before on selling or giving away IT equipment ensure that your data is wiped to the industry standards with a detailed audit report provided.

Donations - Donating is a great way to keep IT assets in use.  Ensure that you are donating something that is in great working order, giving the recipient maximum benefit from your generosity.  

Audit - Get a report of the specifications for any unutilised IT assets lying around the office which may be of use.  

End of Lease Management - Leases can be complicated.  Reduce faults and damage charges by letting us refurbish and repair your equipment.

By keeping these assets in use through our Recompute Revitalisation Program we are all playing our part for our planet.  

Let one of our consultants assess your IT assets and recommend an economical and environmentally responsible revitalisation plan to suit your business.

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