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Using the best and latest technology doesn’t have to cost the Earth. We help organisations and individuals own the best technology in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

Our Promise

When you buy brand new computers from us, we will be your partner in sustainably replacing that equipment when the time comes, within the reasonable bounds mentioned herein.

We will keep IT equipment that we sell in the hands of people who have a use for it for as long as possible. We commit to offering our refurbishment and marketplace services to the first owners of the products and working with them to ensure those products stay in-use well after they’ve been replaced with newer models by the original owner.

  • Achieve your environmental and social responsibility goals
  • Hassle-free IT lifecycle management
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership


The reusability promise applies to all products that explicitly mention it in our product catalogue. Our target is that this should apply at least to all brand new products that we sell, but we also hope to be able to extend it to some refurbished products. Please keep in mind that this is applicable only if mentioned in the product listing, otherwise it is not.

Take a look at our range of brand new laptops, computers, and monitors. This promise will apply to most of that equipment.

All About Our Customers

Recompute is perhaps Australia’s longest running and most respected computer refurbisher. We are immensely proud of the work we have done since 2001 to put great refurbished IT equipment in the hands of:

  • Savvy families trying to make ends meet
  • Aspiring students
  • Seniors striving to be a part of the digital revolution
  • Enterprising business owners
  • Regional schools and communities
  • Community groups and organisations

Finding new owners for IT equipment is good for everyone involved. It puts great tech in the hands of people who need it. It minimises the cost of ownership for our partner, the original owner. It minimises the environmental impact of producing new products for those who could use refurbished.


Within the specified period we will offer our refurbishment and marketplace services to help find new owners for products. At any time during the validity period, partners can get an estimation of costs and net return on assets, so there is no need for uncertainty in the planning process.

Specifically, we will offer to:

  • Refurbish the products using our best-in-class process
  • Handle the logistics of receiving, storing, and shipping the products to the new owners.
  • List the products on our marketplace and utilise our marketing channels where applicable to find the new owners.