4 Cool Things to Do With an Old Laptop

4 Cool Things to Do With an Old Laptop

Posted by Team Recompute on 23rd Jun 2020

Did you know that, globally, humans generate around 40 million tons of electronic waste each year? That's like tossing out 800 laptops every second.

If you've got an old laptop collecting dust somewhere in your home, you shouldn't give in to the urge of throwing it away. Instead, consider bringing it back to life with some of these ideas!

Here are 4 cool things to do with an old laptop.

4 Cool Things to Do With an Old Laptop

Before you purchase a new, high-quality refurbished laptop, give your old one a new life so that you save it from wasting away in a landfill. You'd be surprised to learn how much usage is left in old laptops!

1. Electronic Cookbook

A kitchen computer is a game-changer when it comes to cooking. Think about it -- how many times have you needed to search up a recipe or tutorial while in the kitchen?

Make recipe-hunting your old laptop's new job. Simply wipe the computer and install a basic operating system, then add a few cooking applications such as Paprika or AllRecipes.

These apps will allow your old laptop to aid in recipe research, and soon your piece of junk will be a huge help alongside you as you prepare meals. It's like having a chef working with you!

2. Digital Photo Album

If you've got lots of family photos lying around in a folder somewhere, you can use them to make your old laptop a digital photo album!

Nearly all operating systems allow users to continuously display photos on an endless loop, reminding you of great memories with friends and family. Download some of your favorite photos onto the laptop and then add them to the display program.

Then, place the laptop somewhere where it will be seen, like a side table or a vacant desk. Open up the display program and voila! Your digital photo album will go on for as long as you'd like.

3. Gift it to A Family Member

Out of all the old laptop uses, this is the most generous!

Since many older computers allow users to perform basic tasks like checking email, web browsing, and video streaming, they're great gifts for people who just use them recreationally.

Old laptops are perfect for kids just reaching the age where they need the Internet to help them with homework. They're also great for elderly people, too!

4. Try a New Operating System

If you've ever been curious to know what an operating system other than Windows would be like, there's no better place to try one out than on an old laptop.

Wipe the existing operating system from the laptop and install Ubuntu Linux or Zorin. Since the download won't be on your main laptop, you can take as long as you want to learn the new operating system and expand your knowledge about all things computers!

Cut Down On E-Waste

Now that you've learned these cool things to do with an old laptop, you can resurrect your computer and save it from the landfill. These ideas are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint from unnecessary e-waste!

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