A+ in Computers: The Best Refurbished Laptops for Students

A+ in Computers: The Best Refurbished Laptops for Students

Posted by Team Recompute on 3rd Feb 2020

Computers can make school life so much easier, and you don't even have to spend a small fortune. Instead of buying new, you're much better off buying a refurbished machine. Plus, research shows that students who leverage technology in the classroom outperform their peers who don't.

Class is in session because we're detailing some of the best refurbished laptops for students! Keep reading to find out more!

HP Spectre Pro x360

HP has a history of making some of the most efficient and budget-friendly computers out there. And while the Spectre Pro x360 is no exception, its price isn't the only cool thing about it.

The Spectre Pro is so much more than a laptop. It's also a makeshift tablet, folding in half and allowing you to handwrite notes on its touchscreen.

And if you're worried about storage space, you'll be happy to hear that the x360 includes a 256GB solid-state drive (SSD) for ultra-quick data retrieval and boot-up times.

MacBook Air 13-Inch

Say what you will about Apple's computers, but they know how to pack a punch into a small package. The MacBook Air is their smallest, wafer-thin offering, making the Air the perfect refurbished laptop for students walking across campus.

With that said, the 13-inch screen is the perfect size for watching movies, editing photos and videos, or just taking a break and surfing the web.

While it may not be as powerful as the MacBook Pro, the Air should have more than enough power to tackle most tasks you throw at it.

HP ProBook 450

Admittedly, the ProBook 450 isn't the sleekest computer in the world. It's a bit bulky and cumbersome to carry, weighing 2.07kg.

However, there is an advantage to its size -- sheer power. In fact, it's one of the only laptops on this list to feature an HDMI output, so you can connect your laptop to an external monitor or TV.

If you need something with a ton of processing power and don't mind a bit of additional heft, the Probook 450 is a versatile powerhouse.

Toshiba Tecra Z40-B Ultrabook

Speaking of power, it's crazy to see a laptop with 16GB of RAM, but Toshiba somehow found a way to cram a full-sized desktop into a laptop casing.

Like the ProBook, you're sacrificing a little portability for power, but for students who need graphically intensive programs or just want a crystal-clear screen, it's hard to go wrong with the Ultrabook.

Work Hard, Play Harder With the Best Refurbished Laptops for Students

These laptops will give you the perfect combination of performance and affordability. While there are plenty of great laptops to choose from, these are by far the best refurbished laptops for students.

To check out these and other refurbished laptops, make sure to check out our site or get in touch!