Buying an Affordable Laptop for University Studies

Buying an Affordable Laptop for University Studies

Posted by Team Recompute on 16th Feb 2021

Nowadays, a working laptop is just as important a commodity for a university student as textbooks or housing. Everyone in uni is trying to save money, so where can you find an affordable laptop that will still be able to do everything you need for school?

When you head to University, all of your coursework, announcements, and grades will be online. Many important aspects of school are now done via the computer. It is crucial to find a great laptop capable of managing all of your university studies.

Continue reading for tips and tricks on how to find the best affordable laptops for school.

What To Look For

There are a few qualities that every university student will need in their laptops. Luckily, most of these qualities are nearly universal in most laptops.

Make sure a prospective laptop has an Intel processor, as well as longer battery life to last throughout multiple classes at once. For a touch screen generation, many prefer their laptop to also have this capability.

Finally, a few things like your screen and keyboard that could be important to your college life. A stronger keyboard may be desirable for a student who has a lot of papers or takes a lot of notes. If your a design or art major, get a higher-quality computer screen.

Average Prices

Research ahead of time the average prices for each type of laptop. You may be able to get a used one for a few hundred dollars, which has everything you need.

A top of the line, newest model could be over 2,000 dollars even with a student discount. If you want to settle for something in the middle more in the 400 to 500 range (which is a great deal), try a refurbished laptop.

Brands To Know

Before you buy a laptop, identify each major brand that sells them so you can understand the strength and weaknesses of each of them. You have probably heard of Dell, HP, Apple, Microsoft, or Lenovo laptops. Each of these brands will have basic consumer models and higher-grade business models. The higher-end business models offer a better build quality and are designed to last longer. Sure they cost more brand new, but when purchased refurbished they provide a great overall value proposition of great quality at a fraction of the price. 

Services Needed for University Studies

Without the help of a few important programs, your laptop may be useless for university studies. You will either need to purchase or make sure the laptop comes with these programs that all college students need.

Things like Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and other Microsoft Office products are absolutely essential. 

You may be able to catch a break with this requirement because many universities actually offer a free subscription to Office products while you are in school. This is important to investigate beforehand. 

Now You Know

When you make a big purchase on any type of technology, you would be smart to do your homework ahead of time. But it is even more prudent to research everything ahead of time when you are in college and on a tight budget.

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