Case Study: Why Schools Choose Used Rather than New Computers

Case Study: Why Schools Choose Used Rather than New Computers

Posted by Team Recompute on 23rd Jul 2019

Some myths give used computers a bad reputation. Many think they don't work as well as new ones, and you're better off spending more money for higher quality. They believe it's recycled junk.

The truth is that refurbished technology is the way to go. It's environmentally friendly, doesn't break the bank, and can work like it's brand new.

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of buying used computers.

1. Saves Money

In 2013, schools worldwide spent $13 billion on technology. With schools receiving less funding, many can't afford to spend money on brand new computers.

Used computers help schools cut the amount they put toward IT equipment. In the end, they have more of a budget to work with for other projects.

Students still get to learn useful computer skills and programs. Refurbished computers can run all the applications new computers can. A student can write a paper using a word processor or create a magazine with InDesign.

Before buying used computers, research the model number and compare the prices and warranties to make sure you're actually saving money.

2. Environmentally Friendly

Every year, the world throws out between 20 and 50 million metric tons of electrical waste. Refurbishing computers is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint.

Reusing computers slows down the rate at which new computers are being manufactured. Even if a computer can't be refurbished, there are probably salvageable parts that could be used to repair existing computers.

Refurbished and recycled computers save energy and stop harmful chemicals such as mercury and lead from entering landfills. The eco-friendly cycle continues when businesses and schools refurbish their IT again.

3. Quality

A big myth is that recycled or refurbished computers are of worse quality than a new computer. This isn't always the case. If you find a trusted IT provider who knows what they're doing, the refurbished computers can run like new.

Of course, something can go wrong, but that can happen with any computer - old or new. Look for resellers that offer products with warranties and customer service after you purchase them. You'll avoid spending money if you have to repair or replace any of the computers.

When choosing where to get your refurbished computers from, check for the following accreditation. Blancco is a widely recommended data security company. They wipe data from hard drives to prevent data breaches.

The ISO/IEC 27001 accreditation is held by organizations that have excellent information security practices. These organizations obey certain guidelines.

ADISA certified companies comply with specific standards throughout the refurbishment process, from collection to data clearing.

4. Possible Rebates

Buying used computers saves schools money, and recycling them can earn them money. Some IT asset disposal providers will give rebates for IT equipment that's old, broken, or not being used.

This is especially helpful for schools in the face of budget cuts. The money could be put toward school renovations, events, or the community. Schools can also give to charity.

Buying Used Computers: The Right Choice

Refurbishing, recycling, and buying used computers and other IT equipment is beneficial in several ways. It's great for the environment and reduces how much electrical waste the world has.

Schools have more of their budget left and can focus on other important aspects of school life. They can benefit from rebates and expand their funds.

Anyone that buys a used computer has the advantage of getting good quality technology and spending less.

Refurbished computers from a trusted reseller are the right choice for schools.

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