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How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop? 4 Signs to Look For

How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop? 4 Signs to Look For

Posted by Team Recompute on 30th Sep 2019

We get attached to our computer. It's set up the way we want it and has all the programs we use. Our files, music, videos, and pictures are housed on it.

Why would we buy a new computer when the one we have is still working?

However, just because a computer still works doesn't mean you should hold on to it forever. As the years go by, your computer gives subtle and not so subtle signs it's time for an upgrade.

How often should you replace your laptop and go with a new model? If you ask a computer geek, he will tell you around four years. Of course, some computers will last longer. You just won't have the latest technology to play with.

Are you working with an outdated laptop? Keep reading for four signs it's time to upgrade or consider buying a refurbished computer.

How Often Should You Replace Your Laptop?

There is no golden rule on when a laptop should be replaced. It depends on how efficient your current system is running. How you care for your computer is another factor.

For a system that is operating without problems, it may come down to the latest apps and programs that are available. Sometimes it's better to upgrade to a newer operating system than it is to put newer versions of programs on an older system.

1. Your System Is Running Slow

A slow running system is a sure sign of an aging computer. It takes longer to boot-up and power down, and some programs take longer to load.

There is a laundry list of reasons for a slow computer. As time goes on, it's easier to replace your laptop than to spend time troubleshooting.

2. You Are Experiencing Unexpected Shutdowns

As your computer ages, you may experience unexpected shutdowns. Sometimes it is because the unit has overheated. This is detectable by the fan running nonstop or making a lot of noise.

If you receive the Blue Screen of Death, it may be something more serious. The BSOD is also known as a stop error. It is the laptop's way of warning you there could be a serious problem with the operating system.

3. New Software Won't Load

As computer systems age, they become incompatible to some software. When this happens, it is time to get a new laptop, especially if the software is required for a job or school.

4. Your Laptop Security Is Outdated

Cybercrimes are on the rise. Your computer needs the ability to run and accept software updates. If your system doesn't update properly, your data is not secure.

You are left exposed to hackers, viruses, and malware.

Ready for an Upgrade?

Determining how often should you replace your laptop will vary from person to person. Some people love having the latest and greatest gadgets. Others figure if it's not broken, why fix it?

If you're ready for an upgrade, we have what you need. Contact us for great deals on your next laptop.