How to Sustainably Manage Your IT Department

How to Sustainably Manage Your IT Department

Posted by Team Recompute on 5th May 2020

Today, only 62% of executives think running a sustainable company is necessary to be competitive.

Are you one of them? If so, you need to learn about how to sustainably manage your IT department.

How does this work? Will it impact your daily operations?

In this article, we'll tell you what you need to know to be successful in environmentally friendly IT management.

Purchase Energy-Efficient Equipment

When buying equipment for your IT department, a great way to be environmentally-friendly is to buy assets that are rated as energy-efficient.

In the long run, this will save you money, as this type of IT equipment will cost less to operate. In addition, you'll be lowering the number of resources your business uses. You'll definitely do your part in running a more sustainable company.

Think About Buying Used or Refurbished Instead of New

Sure, it can be exciting to purchase all-new equipment for your IT team. They deserve the best, after all.

But the truth is, refurbished and used assets can be just as good. For example, refurbished computers are often ex-government or ex-lease devices that still work fine. They'll have been tested by electronic experts, which means you'll be getting devices that are as good as new.

This gives you a fantastic chance to breathe new life into IT equipment that would've otherwise been disposed of.

Make Sure You Dispose of IT Assets Safely

Too many companies throw out IT assets in the regular trash after they're done with them. But the fact is these end up in landfills with the harmful e-waste leeching into the groundwater and more.

In India, they're already having issues with this. High amounts of dioxin compounds have been found in biological tissues; this is due to improper disposal of e-waste.

So in addition to being mindful of how you acquire equipment, you also have to take extra care when you dispose of it. You can work with the manufacturers or organisations such as Recompute and utilize their take-back programs to ensure products are refurbished redeployed and reused.

Take Advantage of Cloud Computing

Instead of storing information on your own servers, consider using cloud computing instead. While this means you have to share storage capacity with other people, it's not a huge drawback.

Today, many cloud computing services have such large capacities that you can almost consider storage to be unlimited. This means that running out of space won't be an issue.

Manage Your IT Department in a Sustainable Way

With sustainable management, you'll be able to run an eco-friendly IT department without compromising on the quality of their equipment. In the process, you might be able to save a little money too.

By rethinking how you do IT management, you can improve various areas of your business. So take our advice and make your company a more sustainable one.

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