Intel vs. AMD: Our Search for the Best All Around CPU

Intel vs. AMD: Our Search for the Best All Around CPU

Posted by Team Recompute on 4th Mar 2019

Both AMD and Intel have recently announced new CPUs for 2019. AMD is introducing its Ryzen 3rd Generation CPU, while Intel has Ice Lake and Sunny Cove on the horizon.

With these announcements, the Intel vs AMD debate has been reignited. For years, Intel has been the go-to name. AMD’s recent processors have forced people to rethink their choice.

So, which one is best, AMD or Intel? We’ll settle the debate once and for all.

Intel vs AMD Processor Performance

Until recently, AMD and Intel focused on different segments of the market. Intel’s processors offer higher speeds and more efficiency. AMD tended to focus on all-in-one chips that don’t sap your power.

When it comes to AMD vs Intel, then, it depends a bit on what you need your processor to do. If you’re using a laptop that you need to have powered on for long stretches, an AMD processor might be the right choice.

What if you need your processor to run at the top of its game constantly? As a general rule of thumb, most of Intel’s CPUs are going to give you reliable, high-speed processing.

There are exceptions, of course. AMD’s Ryzen processors can be faster than some of Intel’s K series processors. If a game or application uses all the available cores, Ryzen is much faster, in part because it has more cores.

AMD vs Intel Gaming Performance

If you’re hoping to do some gaming on your refurbished machine, you need a CPU that can keep up.

For most gamers, a separate GPU is the best investment. If you’re a more casual gamer, you can get away with the integrated graphics processor on your CPU.

In the Intel vs AMD battle, AMD is the victor. As we mentioned, AMD's Ryzen processors have more cores, so they run faster than Intel CPUs. This is good news when you’re trying to stream graphics.

The other advantage AMD has is that some of its chips offer powerful integrated graphics. Intel, on the other hand, focused on onboard graphics technology, which tends to leave it in AMD’s dust.

In this round, the choice between Intel vs AMD Ryzen is clear.

Pricing for AMD and Intel CPUs

Another factor you’ll likely consider is the price of any CPU. So what is pricing like for AMD processors vs Intel?

AMD’s biggest strength is that its processors are very affordable. Even at the lowest end, AMD’s prices are usually somewhat lower than Intel. The price gaps become larger between the more powerful models, with AMD’s Ryzen CPUs selling for a fraction of the price of Intel’s most powerful chips.

Choose the Right Processor for Your Machine

When it comes to the Intel vs AMD debate, Intel usually wins. That said, AMD’s newer processors now outperform Intel in some key areas. The attractive pricing might make an AMD processor the right choice for you.

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