Refurbished Dell vs. HP: Which Brand Should I Buy?

Refurbished Dell vs. HP: Which Brand Should I Buy?

Posted by Team Recompute on 17th Sep 2019

Dell and HP make up nearly half the laptop market share when combined. That's a lot of laptops sold, and an entire ecosystem of used laptops out there. If you've never considered buying a used laptop, there's no better time than right now.

Laptops have gotten so efficient and reliable you can buy a refurbished Dell or HP laptop made two or three years ago and get better performance than the new Chrome laptops. Refurbished laptops from the current-gen are also a great way to save a few hundred bucks with no real difference from buying new.

So, should it be a refurbished HP or Dell laptop? Both have their quirks and unique features. You win with either brand, but let's see what they bring to the table.

Value of a Refurbished Dell or HP

Let's cut to the chase, buying used is almost always the best value for your money with electronics. Refurbished laptops that have passed manufacturer standards are especially safe purchases. Also, it's worth mentioning how buying used is extremely eco-friendly.

Dell and HP differ from other big brands, like Apple, in that their laptops reduce in price naturally as they age. For some, this may appear like a sign of declining quality, but not in today's manufacturing standards. In fact, the latest processor, SSD, and screen tech make laptops stay relevant even longer.

Are you really getting 2-4x the performance when paying 2-4x more? Doubtful.

Measuring Performance

Laptop performance is broken down into processing, screen quality, battery life, and build quality. Processing power really only comes into play for doing major tasks like video encoding or gaming. If you're doing either one of these and under a budget, a refurbished laptop made in the last year will suffice.

How a laptop looks and feels will depend on personal preference. Screens and battery life have come a long way; you'll find most Dell and HP laptops excel in both categories. 

Buy Refurbished, Upgrade Sooner

If you buy a refurbished Dell or HP laptop, you're saving hundreds of dollars on a major purchase. Think of all the extra accessories you could buy to go with it. You could stick the saved money into savings towards the next laptop generation.

Unless you're rich, buying the latest and greatest on Day 1 is not worth it. You're not losing out on anything by shopping refurbished. If you need more proof, shop our refurbished laptops section.

Take a look at the specs and compare them to new laptops. In real-world situations, you can do all your tasks without ever feeling the need to buy new.