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Setup instant home office on a budget

Setup instant home office on a budget

Posted by Team Recompute on 21st Jul 2021

Congratulations! You convinced your boss to allow you to work from home. Maybe you have to due to COVID-19 events, or you’re just starting to go solo. Either way, you’ll need a comfortable, well-rounded space for everything you do.

Here is our guide to make a well-rounded space fit for your needs:

Things you need:

- Table

- Chair

- Computer

- Office Supplies

Creating a budget

Of course, if you want to make a home office with little to no money, you’ll need to create a budget. It can be easy to overspend on creating a home office once you start buying more than one item. Things to also consider which you might not realise are: 

- Internet service

- Mobile phone plan

- Electricity

How to save on money

Buy refurbished

These are products which have been used or opened and have been tested and verified to be sold back to the public. Refurbished items are carefully checked, repaired and cleaned before being sold to the public. Recompute provides a better-than-new warranty.

Products such as Refurbished Monitors, Laptops and Desktop are a great addition to your new home office without breaking the bank and still getting great performance.

Ask friends and family

Always a great start to ask around first for unwanted items from the people you love. Easy cheap or free items just for you

Get your employer to chip in

If your boss allowed you to work from home, then surely they are willing to help out? Right? It doesn’t hurt to ask if you need anything specific
You can always point them to for some budget saving ideas