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The Essence of Recompute's 38-Point Check

The Essence of Recompute's 38-Point Check

Posted by Team Recompute on 23rd Feb 2024

Our refurbishment process is not just about making products look new; it's about ensuring they perform with the reliability and efficiency expected of new technology. The 38-point check allows us to achieve this by meticulously examining, repairing, and testing each device to meet stringent standards.

A Closer Look at the Process

  1. Initial Assessment: Every device undergoes a thorough visual and functional inspection to identify any issues.
  2. Hardware Testing: Components like the CPU, RAM, and hard drive are tested for performance and reliability.
  3. Battery and Power Supply Check: Batteries and power supplies are tested.
  4. Display Inspection: Screens are inspected for clarity, brightness, and any signs of wear.
  5. Keyboard and Input Devices: All input devices are tested for responsiveness and functionality.
  6. Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other connectivity ports are checked for proper operation.
  7. Software Checks: Updates and Drivers
  8. Cosmetic Refurbishment: Any necessary repairs or replacements to the device's exterior are made to ensure a like-new appearance.
  9. Final Quality Control: A final inspection guarantees the device meets our high standards before it's approved for sale.

Beyond the Checklist

Our 38-point check is more than a series of inspections; it's a commitment to delivering products that consumers can trust. By refurbishing technology, Recompute provides an environmentally friendly alternative to new products, reducing e-waste and promoting a sustainable approach to technology consumption.

The Benefits of Buying Refurbished

Customers who choose Recompute's refurbished products not only save money but also contribute to a greener planet. They receive a device that has passed through an exhaustive refurbishment process, ensuring it performs reliabally. Moreover, every refurbished product from Recompute comes with a warranty, offering peace of mind and confidence in their purchase.

A Sustainable Choice

In an era where technological advancements are rapid, the choice to buy refurbished is a powerful stance against the throwaway culture. Recompute’s refurbishment process, symbolized by the 38-point check, represents a step towards a more sustainable and responsible way of consuming technology.


Recompute's 38-point check refurbishment process is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that every device we sell is as close to new as possible. It's a meticulous, eco-friendly approach that delivers unmatched quality and value to our customers, setting Recompute apart in the refurbished market. Through this process, we are proud to offer a sustainable, reliable, and affordable technology solution for consumers and businesses alike.

This detailed approach not only exemplifies our dedication to quality but also our commitment to sustainability, making Recompute a leading choice for consumers and businesses looking for reliable, eco-friendly technology solutions.