Thrifty Buyer's Guide on Choosing and Saving on Student Computers

Thrifty Buyer's Guide on Choosing and Saving on Student Computers

Posted by Team Recompute on 15th Oct 2019

Choosing a laptop takes research. Narrowing down options based on type, brand, size, and the price is a lot to look over when picking out student computers.

How would you decide on your computer or laptop selection? Let's look here.

Selecting Your College Computer

There are hundreds of type of laptops out there that can help you ace school: new, refurbished, PC, Macs, video-chat enabled, etc. How do you decide which are the best computers for college? Consider these recommendations first: 

See School Recommendations

Utilizing your school website can help you determine which computer to buy. Most universities have landing pages for their schools and majors with their own Frequently Asked Questions page and contact us form. 

Look at the school guidelines and information sheet to see what recommendations are made for students in your intended major. Students in engineering would likely focus their buying efforts on a computer with a greater CPU/processor speed and operating system versus a marketing student who may place greater emphasis on portability and battery life.

Seek a laptop with the type of software and needs that will allow you to participate in class discussions and do your homework. 

Find a Laptop With a Long Battery Life

Because your laptop is your lifeline in college, you'll want one that has long battery life. The battery should last you a good part of the school day without needing to be recharged. Look for computers with reputable reviews from actual customers, but it's a good idea to bring a charging cable just in case!

The good news is that laptop batteries are replaceable. You can always put in a new battery if required down the track.

Consider the Extended Warranty

How much you use your computer will determine your computer's longevity. Many resellers have extended warranties available for their products that customers can buy. 

Buying business-grade machines will minimise the chances of things going wrong as they are a better build quality. They are built to handle the strains that regular users such as students are likely to place on them. 

Buy at the Right Time

Refurbished computers from reputable retailers are always a great deal and priced at massive savings compared to the original RRP. There is no need to wait for seasonal sales to grab a bargain computer or laptop.  When the need arises they are ready and because of the savings, you don't need to overthink it.

Which Laptop Should I be Looking At?

University students interested in advanced math, graphic design, MIS, and other science-related fields may find themselves scoping out higher-end student computers with dedicated graphics cards.

Majors where writing is more prominent, such as English and marketing, would suffice with a basic notebook. Students in these majors mostly use their computers to write research papers, take exams online, and share class notes with others. If you're only planning on using your computer for these main things, most computers will work. 

Ace School with Student Computers

The right student computers will get any student like yourself on the right track for a successful university career. Consider the factors above before making your final decision. 

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