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Tips for Remote Learning during Lockdown

Tips for Remote Learning during Lockdown

Posted by Team Recompute on 13th Jul 2021

It’s no secret that the pandemic has forced everyone to change our daily lives. With the start of term three starting this week for Australian. Millions of families are back in the thick of online learning this week. We hope everyone is safe and well during this unprecedented times and send our prays to all the families struggling.

Here are tips and tricks for distance learning on surviving – and thriving – while learning from home:

Find a dedicated quiet space to work

  • Areas with fewer distractions will make a real difference and allow you to focus on the task on hand
  • Using certain items such as partitioning wall or noise-cancelling headphones to help create your own space

Create a daily to-do list

  • Create a realistic schedule and include breaks in between.
  • Regular rests and stretches will increase overall productivity.
  • Long periods behind the screen will be taxing on the mind and body - especially your eyes.

Don’t be afraid to chat and communicate with your teachers

  • No need to spend hours agonising over questions. It’s difficult enough not being able to directly chat with your friends and teachers face to face, so don’t be afraid to send a quick message or email if you ever get stuck.

Work setup is functionally working and suitable

  • Make sure your computer is well-equipped to run all programs needed. Nobody wants a slow computer.
  • Stable internet connection. No one wants to be frustrated when you can’t hear or see anything.
  • Comfortable ergonomic setup. A nice chair and position will make a huge difference in your productivity and comfort level.
  • Add extra peripherals to your setup. Setting up a dual monitor setup for extra screen real estate or connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse with your laptop

Have the right software

  • Make sure all software used such as Zoom and Google Classroom are installed and ready for classes. Making sure your audio settings such as microphone are fully functional and working properly.