Top Features to Look For When Choosing a Portable Computer

Top Features to Look For When Choosing a Portable Computer

Posted by Team Recompute on 28th Jul 2020

People are spending more time in front of their devices. The advancement of technology has made it easier to run a business from home, entertain ourselves, and save money. 

If you're looking to streamline your life with technology, keep reading to discover how to choose from the different types of portable computers. 

Different Types of Portable Computers

Since their emergence, computers have gone from room-sized monsters to devices that fit in our pockets. As computers evolved and became integrated into daily life, the need to have one with us at all times grew directly.

Here are the different types of portable computers.


A laptop is a fully functional portable version of a desktop. They’re used for all tasks, from internet browsing to running heavy-duty applications. 


A tablet is a hand-held, touchscreen device. They are best for light work, drawing, filling out forms, access to the internet and email, etc.


A netbook is a small notebook. It’s smaller than a tablet and a laptop and its capabilities are mainly for access to the internet. A netbook is a great choice for kids.


Smartphones/PDAs are handheld personal computers for small tasks such as scheduling, reading email, making calls, and access to the internet. Smartphones are the most common portable computers.


Smartwatches and fitness gear used for tracking fitness progress, scheduling, and in some cases, checking email and making calls are all considered wearables. They’ve become popular in recent years. These devices are used in every industry to help businesses improve workflow and stay connected.

What to Look for in a Portable Computer

The best portable computer for you will depend largely on what your needs are. A freelance graphics designer may find a laptop and a tablet as necessary tools for their home-based business. Similarly, a parent may want a netbook or tablet for their young child while someone else may work solely from a smartphone. 

Here are some things to look for when choosing a portable computer.


Laptops are a great investment for everyone and more necessary the heavier your workload is. If the extent of your computer usage is for web surfing and occasionally sending emails, a notebook or tablet may suffice. If you are spending significant time in front of the screen and doing multiple tasks then a laptop may be more appropriate. 

Processing Power

The computer's processing power is the ability of the computer to process data and interact with applications. Heavy work with video editing, gaming, or computer-intensive applications will require dual-core or quad-core (or higher) processors and a decent graphics card.


The amount of memory your computer has affects how much it can do simultaneously. How much you need also depends on your usage but more is usually better. A RAM of 4GBs is okay for very basic use but going with more can't hurt if you expect you'll have your computer for a long time. We suggest 8GB ram as an adequate amount of memory in 2020 for most users.

Tablets and netbooks typically have less RAM.  

Buy Refurbished to Save on Cost

A refurbished computer from a reputable company can save you money on the many different types of portable computers. It has been wiped clean, repaired, and in some cases upgraded. No matter which you buy, your computer should suit your lifestyle needs. 

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