Using Refurbished Equipment to Create the Best Home Office Setup

Using Refurbished Equipment to Create the Best Home Office Setup

Posted by Team Recompute on 28th Apr 2020

Whether you’re a small business owner, you’re a work from home mum or dad, or your work calls for more at home business hours, creating the best home office setup can have its monetary challenges. Looking to refurbished tech can save you more than a couple of pennies.

Here's how.

What Is Refurbished Tech?

All refurbished tech is used, but not all used tech is refurbished. Why?

Retailers will receive an item from a person who has decided for some reason to return it. This doesn’t always mean that the person used the product, they just decided to return it. 

The retailer is responsible for determining the functionality of it and reconditioning the item. In cases like this, you can get an item that was lightly used or not used at all for a fraction of the original asking price. Most come with warranties and have been tested and certified before the sale. 

Assess Your Needs for the Best Home Office Setup

You need to know what type of tech will be needed for your home office work. Going out and buying the top of the line computer is going to cut into your savings, and may not necessarily be the best tech for your work. 

Do you need a computer that can render graphics, run high-speed software, or do you just need to run Microsoft Office proficiently? 

Once you know what you need it to be capable of, you can assess what type of RAM, memory, and processing core you need.

Finding the Right Refurbished Tech

The computer you have been dreaming of buying might be hundreds of dollars cheaper if you bought the refurbished one in comparison to the brand new one. 

Consider what else is needed to support your home office setup besides a computer? Do you need a headset, USB cables, server parts for upgrades, printer, keyboard, and mouse? Can you buy it in a bundle?

When you buy through Recompute, you can purchase quality brands, find server parts to upgrade your older models, search accessory items, buy business-grade machines with industry-leading warranties.

Consider the Age of the Product

When a new version of the product you are looking at is released, the one from last year or the year before that drop in price. The product that is 2-3 years old, may satisfy the needs of your home office setup and be a part of a manageable price range. 

Time to Pinch Pennies

Creating the best home office setup with monetary restraints is possible when you consider purchasing refurbished tech. Keep the needs of the best home office setup in mind, and search for the items with the best warranty. 

You are well on your way to setting up your home office. Be sure to check out more information about our services on our customer care page or contact us today!