What Are the Benefits for Businesses to Be Environmentally Sustainable

What Are the Benefits for Businesses to Be Environmentally Sustainable

Posted by Team Recompute on 4th May 2021

Ten years ago, you would have been excused for thinking that sustainability was just a buzzword, one of the countless trends that come and go - but time has shown that simply isn't the case.

Sustainable business practices aren't going anywhere. In fact, they're becoming the norm.

That can be great news for you.

Not only is environmental sustainability good for the planet, but it can be good for your business as well. If you're still on the fence about modernizing your company, check out these benefits of sustainability in business.

1. It's Good for Your Company Image

When sustainability practices first starting gathering buzz, many supposed it was just that; a slogan meant to boost public perception.

Well, they were right about one thing. People do prefer to do business with sustainable companies.

This is especially true among millennials and younger generations, who tend to view their purchasing choices as an extension of their values. So by improving sustainability, you're helping to endear your company to younger generations of consumers.

2. It Can Increase Workplace Morale Productivity

Bringing your business up to a sustainable level is a group effort. By encouraging your workforce to collaborate on efforts to improve sustainability, you're giving opportunities to forge strong cooperative bonds.

What's more, a major driver in workplace happiness is the feeling amongst workers that they're doing good in the world. So initiatives like becoming sustainable have a tangible effect on happiness in the workplace. And since happy employees are productive employees, this correlates with an overall boost to a company's financial prospects.

3. It's Good for Your Bottom Line

At the end of the day, running a business is about the bottom line. As it happens, implementing sustainable practices can be a major money-saver in the long run.

Some solutions are obvious, like implementing changes in the workplace to use power and water more efficiently. Although some, like purchasing refurbished electronics, can be a great way to make an impact.

As our reliance on electronics increases, so too does the amount of e-waste we produce. By 2030, the amount produced is expected to hit 74.7 million tonnes each year.

All of that e-waste is contaminates water, soil, and even the air with heavy metals when it's disposed of. And producing replacements for those devices relies on mining for rare earth minerals, which carries its own set of ecological problems.

Relying on refurbished electronics wherever possible helps put a dent in both problems. There can be surprising financial benefits to going the refurbished route as well.

Sustainable Practices Are the Future of Business

The need to be sustainable is baked into the future of business. By adopting sustainable principles now, you better position yourself to be competitive moving forward.

If you should like to know how your purchasing choices can make a difference, check out our guide on buying computers for the sustainable consumer.