What Is a Refurbished Laptop? + 5 Environmental Benefits to Consider

What Is a Refurbished Laptop? + 5 Environmental Benefits to Consider

Posted by Team Recompute on 28th Jan 2020

If you're pressed for cash and still want an amazing computer, you don't have to feel like you don't have options.

You can get a refurbished laptop at a much lower price, and can still count on a great performance. What's more, there are some environmental benefits that come with the territory. 

But what is a refurbished laptop and how can it provide an environmental impact?

Read on to learn what constitutes a refurb, and how it can help the planet. 

What is a Refurbished Laptop?

On a basic level, a refurbished laptop is one that is preowned and restored to have new or like-new performance. 

This could mean an ex-lease fleet of laptops, returned at the end of the leasing cycle. The item still runs like new and passed all tests, but is sold for a fraction of the original price. Furthermore, the units come from a corporate environment and tend to be high-end business grade machines.

What are the Environmental Benefits of a Refurbished Laptop

Aside from saving money, you'll learn that buying a refurb comes with amazing environmental benefits. Consider these five:

1. The Labor and Production Process Becomes a Lot Cleaner

The ability to purchase refurbished laptops at a fair price drives down the overall production and labor costs. 

This is crucial since manufacturers burn a lot of oil, natural gas, and electricity when operating their production facilities. The production process also creates a lot of harmful emissions, so reducing them by any measure is a plus.  

2. You're Preventing Electronic Waste

Refurbishing a laptop is also far less harmful and wasteful than other means of disposing of it. 

Australia creates 700,000 tons of electronic waste each year, which contributes to the problem of 50 million tons wasted globally. By purchasing a refurbished laptop, you are getting a like-new product and doing your part to eliminate e-waste. 

3. The Demand For Parts Decreases

When you buy a refurbished laptop, you're also driving down the market for brand new parts. 

This is both a health cost-saving matter and reduces the amount of waste created. Decreasing this demand is hugely beneficial since Australians buy more than 2 million computers annually. 

4. You're Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

Industry statistics aside, purchasing a refurb also reduces your personal environmental footprint. 

This way, you are able to become a more environmentally conscious person as a whole. Taking the first step by buying a refurbished computer can inspire you to take even more steps toward a green-friendly life. 

5. Manufacturers Can Lengthen Their Product Lifespans

With a healthy refurbished laptop market, manufacturers are able to get more out of their product lifespan. 

As such, there is less of a rush to send new laptops to market. This cuts costs and waste tremendously for both the producer and the consumer. 

Consider Buying a Refurbished Laptop

So exactly what is a refurbished laptop?

 As you can see, there are a lot of environmental and personal benefits that come with the territory. 

Now that you recognise these benefits, we'd be more than happy to teach you more about our vast inventory of refurbished laptops. 

Take the time to contact us if you're looking for refurbished laptops.