Why You Should Have the Best Dual Monitors for Your Home Office Setup

Why You Should Have the Best Dual Monitors for Your Home Office Setup

Posted by Team Recompute on 6th Apr 2021

More and more people are adopting the work from home lifestyle. As such, many home offices are being revamped. What makes for the perfect home office setup?

While everybody's home work station will vary, one thing is for sure: you need dual monitors. Keep reading for reasons why you should invest in the best dual monitors for your home office setup.

Dual Monitors Improve Communication

Investing in dual monitors will help you improve communication with your team. How many times per day do you have to switch tabs in order to pull up your email? With dual monitors, you can dedicate one monitor completely to communication.

This is especially useful as people get used to working from home. In an office setting, you can stop by someone's desk in order to ask them a question. Having dual monitors facilitates this same level of easy communication.

Simply use one monitor to keep your email, Slack, or other communication platform pulled up. When important messages come in, you'll see them without having to switch tabs.

They Increase Productivity

You might think that with twice the screen space, you'd be more susceptible to distractions. But actually, it's the opposite.

We get distracted when there are interruptions to our workflow. With dual monitors, you can have everything you need pulled up and visible at once.

This means that you don't need to be switching tabs or sorting through files. You can work continuously without being interrupted.

Dual Monitors Give You More Space

Think about dual monitors like the square footage of an apartment. Dual monitors translate to more space to do things. 

For some jobs, this is highly advantageous. For things like photo editing or transcribing, it can be really hard to make windows small enough to fit your screen and still be usable. With the extra space granted by dual monitors, you won't have to cram every program you are using onto one screen.

They Make Multitasking Easier

Working from home usually means that you will have regular video conferences with your team. When you're all sitting around a conference table, you can have your laptop or notes in front of you. When it's a virtual meeting, you need your one screen for video conferencing, leaving your notes and other files inaccessible.

This is where dual monitors come in. You'll be able to hold a video conference on one screen while taking notes on your second screen. You can also use your second monitor to pull up shared files or do topic adjacent research.

Get the Best Dual Monitors for Your Home Office

Now you can see why having the best dual monitors for your home office is essential to a productive workflow. You'll gain more visual square footage, and will be bothered by fewer distractions. To really take your home workspace to the next level, dual monitors are the way to go.

To get started with a dual monitor setup, don't settle for anything less than the best. Here at Recompute, we only sell the most durable, efficient brands. If you're ready to start investing in a dual monitor setup, click here to contact us