Your How-To Guide for Mac Internet Recovery Mode

Your How-To Guide for Mac Internet Recovery Mode

Posted by Team Recompute on 19th May 2020

You’ve powered on your Mac, but something’s wrong. 

Odds are you’ve run into an issue where your internal hard disk isn’t acting normal. Before you panic and start claiming you’ve lost your computer forever, the Mac Internet recovery can help. Be sure to have backed up your data first though. An internet recovery will restore your machine to factory settings and your data will be lost. 

Luckily for Mac users, your hard disk holds this recovery option hidden deep in its components. You can also use the Utility menu to boot up, reinstall an OS, perform a check of connected disks, and more.

When that doesn’t work, here’s where you’ll find your Mac’s recovery mode. Save the machine you may have thought was gone forever before looking for another

How to Enter Mac Internet Recovery Mode

In order to enter this recovery mode via keyboard, press and hold Command-R while your system is booting up. This is a different process than a general update for your Mac.

Once you’ve done this you’ll see a macOS Utilities menu that includes four options, Restore From a Time Machine Backup, Reinstall macOS, Get Help Online, and Disk Utility. Sometimes you might get a different result. 

Your Mac Internet recovery screen shouldn’t be as scary as it seems immediately. After selecting your choice of Network and entering the Network Password you’ll see the Internet recovery screen. 

You can also get to this menu by pressing Command-alt-R. 

Fetch Data for Mac System

Remember the speed needed to fetch the data to get your system and OS running depending on your network. 

Data fetching is needed to restore whatever was lost from the drive and ended up affecting the OS. When this is happening the pointer to the OS will disappear and the computer won’t proceed with its usual boot up method. 

Once this step is finished downloading, you’ll return back to the Utilities application for your final step in your Mac Internet recovery. 

Reinstall macOS

If you’re back at the Utilities screen, click on the Disk Utility and format your drive once in GUID mapping. During this process, you can rename the drive whatever you want. 

Return back to the Utilities screen and click on the Reinstall macOS option that was mentioned earlier. Once you’ve done this you’ll see two options. Click on the file you named and wait for your network to do the rest. 

Once this is complete, your Mac will restart and you’ll be back in business.

Able to Go Back in Time

In order to avoid this situation altogether, make sure you have a backup. The TimeMachine will handle backing up the existing state of your system. 

Falling into this mess can be time-consuming and frustrating. Using the Restore From Time Machine Backup option in the macOS Utilities is as effective as it gets. It also saves you from using the Mac Internet recovery method. 

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