Cabac Power Outlet 240V With 2x USB

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Cabac Power Outlet 240V With 2x USB | Recompute

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This power outlet unit provides two (2) USB outlets and a power socket, so as not to waste a powerpoint, compared to a mere 240V to USB
charger. The unit also comes with an added advantage of surge protection on any equipment plugged into the power socket. Typically devices
that would benefit include audio, video, entertainment and computer equipment.
The USB outlets are very handy in charging or powering the ever growing devices that either come with USB port/s or have cables that adapt
to a USB port. These devices include MP3 players, hand phones, smart phones, PDAs, GPS’, Bluetooth and computer tablets.
A blue light indicator shows the presence and availability of power to USB. The USB outlets together can supply up to 1A. They easily satisfy
most power hungry USB devices.


• Single Australian power outlet
• Surge protection
• Power status indicator
• Two USB outlets for charging and powering USB devices
• Slimline design