5 Tips to Keep a Pre-2017 iMac Running Like an Champion

5 Tips to Keep a Pre-2017 iMac Running Like an Champion

Posted by Team Recompute on 29th Sep 2020

At the close of last year, there were more than two billion computers in the world. As technology continues to advance, so do the design and style of computers and laptops.

This tempts techies to go out and buy a newer version every time a new model comes out. Save yourself some money and a trip to the apple store. Keep that 2017 iMac running like new. 

The 2017 iMac still has the reputation for being Apple's sleekest, trendiest designs since its 1984 debut. Its 5K retina display makes its 27-inch screen brighter than before. This model iMac also comes with Thunderbolt 3, allowing support for up to four 4K displays.  

iMac 2017 has some great modern upgrades that keep it competitive with its successors.

If you have a 2017 iMac you know this is a very versatile desktop computer. New or refurbished, here's what should you do to keep it running as long as possible?

Clean Out the Files on Your 2017 iMac

A lot of computer owners pay zero attention to old files on their computers until they run out of space. Outdated pictures, videos, and documents absorb drive space and affect the performance of your pc.

Move out of date files from your iMac to a portable USB drive or an external hard drive. Do this regularly to keep a minimum amount of space available on your pc at all times. 

That way when you have large projects to save you're not forced to delete files at the last minute. 

Restart Your Computer on a Regular Basis

Turning off your computer won't cause you to lose files. That's a myth, especially if you've already saved what you worked on. 

Another great way to keep your iMac in top performance is to restart it on a regular basis. 

Rebooting your computer flushes the RAM, removing piled up temporary files sitting in the PC's memory. The end result is faster, better performance. Save your files and close the windows on your desktop.

Click the apple in the upper left corner and select restart. Experience an iMac that performs like new. 

Clean up Your Desktop

Some iMac owners can't see the forest for the trees. They can't see their desktop because of all the blue folders all over the place. These files take up a lot of RAM. This makes your Mac slow and its performance unnecessarily sluggish. 

Organize folders by relevance and importance. Condense them and other applications on your desktop. Try keeping as little as a few folders on your desktop.

Fewer folders and apps maintain the desktop and keep the system running at top performance. 

Keep Your iMac Up

The 2017 iMac is a remarkable machine built to perform like today's modern models. Use these tips to examine what's stifling its functions and get it running like new again. 

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