Closing the Loop: The Life Cycle of a Brand New Laptop to Being Refurbished and Sold Again

Closing the Loop: The Life Cycle of a Brand New Laptop to Being Refurbished and Sold Again

Posted by Team Recompute on 15th Dec 2020

When you need to replace your laptop, your first thought is probably to buy a new one. It's an expensive, long-term purchase that you don't make every day - why not go for a brand new laptop?

However, buying a refurbished laptop can be a better choice for many reasons. It's better for the environment and less wasteful. It is often of the same or better quality to a brand new laptop depending on the model. And the price is often way lower for a comparable model that's refurbished.

Keep reading to learn about the laptop life cycle and the technology loop that takes a new laptop into a refurbished one.

How Is a Laptop Refurbished?

The main difference between a refurbished and a brand new laptop is that the refurbished one has been used. However, that doesn't mean it isn't a good investment. The process of refurbishing improves the laptop from its used condition.

Let's say you decide to sell an older laptop to get some cash to buy your next one. It's still perfectly usable, but some of the keys are dusty and it will occasionally shut down without warning.

When a refurbishing company first receives a used laptop, they will carefully test the components. They'll clean out all of its parts to clear out any dust or buildup from regular use. They'll also fix any defects or internal hardware issues.

After putting it back together, they'll do a factory reset and then test the laptop to ensure all of its parts are in their best possible working order. Then it is ready to be sold.

So when you're reselling a laptop, consider finding a buyer that will refurbish it instead of junking it. With a little TLC, your laptop's life cycle can be extended far beyond its original warranty.

Refurbished | The New Brand New?

Let's say you took the cash from selling your old laptop and used it to buy a refurbished laptop. Congratulations - you've just helped the planet!

Refurbishing laptops is reusing. Without reuse, the parts may end up in a landfill, and some components like the battery can be hazardous to the environment.

Refurbished laptops can run up to 70% cheaper than a new one. They also save the carbon output produced when manufacturing a new laptop.

Students and parents with children in online school can especially benefit from a cheaper, eco-friendly laptop. They're also a great choice for businesses that are environmentally conscious. By buying refurbished, you can slash your electronics budget.

Look for a Refurbished Laptop Today

At Recompute, we're proud to offer a product that so many consumers rely on, all while helping the environment. We have a wide variety of different laptop brands and specs, and we're confident we can find a refurbished laptop to fit your budget.

We want you to love what you buy, so we offer an industry-leading warranty on all of our products, refurbished or new.

If you're considering buying a brand new laptop, why not take a pause and consider a refurbished one? You may just find the perfect PC for you. And after all, it never hurts to look.