When Kids Go Back to School: 5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity

When Kids Go Back to School: 5 Tips to Keep Your Sanity

Posted by Team Recompute on 21st Jan 2020

Do you wish it's easier getting the kids ready for school?

Well, you're not alone. According to one study, working parents complete more than 40 tasks before they even get to the office. These include making breakfast, taking the kids to school, ironing clothes, and so on. 

All in all, that's equivalent to an extra day's work every week. But even if you're a stay-at-home parent, there's no denying that the mad morning dash to get children to school can be stressful. 

Now, if you're already worried about your mornings when kids go back to school, we can help. Here, we'll be sharing some tips to help you beat the dreaded back-to-school frenzy.

1. Get School-Related Stuff Done First

Before you stress about lunches or after school snacks or new clothes for your kids, try to get all school-related stuff out of the way first.

For example, it's a good idea to get to know your kids' teachers before the year begins. So if the school is hosting a back-to-school night or an open house, make sure to attend those events. You'll also want to schedule sports early on, especially if you have athletes in your family.

2. Tap into Your Network

With kids going back to school, you'll want to reconnect with old friends. That is friends from last year's class so you can schedule play dates and carpools.  Carpooling is a great idea. It frees up some time when it's not your turn to drive and benefits the environment.

3. Prepare a 'When Kids Go Back to School' Shopping List

Aside from the class supply list, you'll want to take inventory to see if there are other essentials you'll need to restock or replace. 

For instance, is the family computer still working? If you've been meaning to replace it, consider something more practical like a refurbished desktop computer

Tip: Before you go shopping for your kids' school supplies, print out your list. Don't expect you'll remember all of them once you get to the store. Otherwise, just order everything online to get your shopping done early.

4. Let Your Home Be School-Ready

You and your kids may be ready for the new school year. But what about your home? 

If you don't have a Family Command Center yet, consider designating a specific spot asap. This will be the station where you can drop off stuff such as bills, receipts, coupons, homework, etc. Add a calendar, bulletin board, and clock, and you'll be decorating this space with things that are also functional.

While you're at it, see if there are spaces in your home that can be transformed into a homework station and a lunch-packing station. These will make your days so much easier because you won't need to go looking around the house for things your kids need.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Try to practice your back-to-school routine a few days in advance. Wake up early, perform your morning rituals, and drop off the kids on time. 

Remember, children love the comfort of routine. And this will make the first day of school easier for everyone.

Need More Back-to-School Tips and Advice?

Now that you know some top tips to help you feel less stressed when kids go back to school, why not go further by reading up on organizational tips and advice from other parents.

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