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Time to Change Our Buying Behaviour?

Time to Change Our Buying Behaviour?

Posted by Team Recompute on 6th Jul 2021

If you could save hundreds of dollars on a laptop, would you? No, we’re not talking about buying any old used equipment. Refurbished laptop computers are much better and save you money. 

In this article, we explain the difference between refurbished and new. And to help you find a quality computer, we highlight the best-refurbished laptops on the market.

Used vs Refurbished Laptops

Yes, there is a difference. Used laptops have a prior owner who no longer wants their computer, so they sell it “as is.” That means the owner won’t improve the functionality of the laptop or provide a warranty upon sale.

Refurbished laptops meet the criteria of new even though they were previously used. They may be leased equipment or customer buys returned to the retailer. They’re a level higher than used because they get tested and restored to “like new” status before resale.

Cheap refurbished laptops often include models sold as ”open box.” But they could also consist of overstock items. 

Best Refurbished Computers

When we say “cheap”, it’s not a reflection of a computer's condition. It simply means the product’s discounted well below new but of comparable quality. 

Recompute sells quality refurbished laptops bought in bulk from corporations or government entities. All their computers get tested and refurbished to high-quality standards. They’re also priced at a discount and restored to last many years.

Below are examples of Recompute’s best-refurbished computer equipment. Each product comes with a 30-day Change of Mind Policy and a 1-year warranty.

Refurbished Mac Computers

Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13” - Intel Core i58257U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD with 1-year warranty - $1399.00

Refurbished Desktop Computers

Dell OptiPlex 7050 SFF Desktop - Intel Core i7-7700, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD with 2 refurbished monitors - $1049.00

Refurbished Computer Towers

Dell OptiPlex 7040 Tower Desktop - Intel Core i5-6500, 16GB RAM, 500GB HDD - $529.00

Benefits of Refurbished Laptops

One of the biggest benefits of buying a refurbished laptop is the price. Refurbished computers may sell for up to 50% off the original price. Buying a refurbished laptop gets you the same new quality performance but with a lower price tag. 

Unlike used computers, refurbished laptops get tested for hardware and software defects. Resellers disassemble the equipment and replace inferior components with new parts. They also fix cosmetic flaws.

Refurbished laptops and computer equipment are also great for the environment. Equipment parts normally disposed of are instead used to bring refurbished equipment up to standard. You can’t go wrong protecting the environment

Should I Buy a Refurbished Laptop?

If you don’t mind saving money on the same quality laptop otherwise full-priced, buy refurbished. Have peace of mind knowing your laptop survived testing and repairs to make it work good as new.

Buy from a reputable retailer that takes pride in its refurbished laptops. And feel protected with a 1-year warranty. 

Check out Recompute’s refurbished laptop inventory to find quality computer equipment that’s good as new to you.